Students: Adobe Connect Best Practices

Tips to Ace Your First Day Online

Preparing for the Live Session

  • Make sure all equipment works and your computer is fully charged and/or plugged in.
  • Check the class time. Students can enter a live classroom 30 minutes before the session begins. This gives you ample time to set-up!

Joining the Session

  • An blue JOIN button will appear 30 minutes before class is scheduled to begin on your Quad homepage under Upcoming Session.
  • Have all of your equipment hooked up and ready to go when you enter. You wouldn't take up class time sharpening your pencils, would you?
  • Starting time means that your audio bridge and webcam are on at that time. This takes 1-2 minutes so join early! 


In-Session Netiquette and Engagement

  • Audio - Be sure to mute yourself when you are not speaking. This will allow the professor or other students to speak without interruption. 
  • Video - Look into the camera when speaking to communicate eye contact.
  • Coursework - Understand a "flipped classroom" approach implies that you come to live sessions prepared. This means you've done your readings and assignments ahead of time, just like you would for a face-to-face class. 
  • Netiquette- Avoid distracting behavior during class sessions (e.g. eating or drinking, pets or family in the camera, loud background noise). Uphold classroom appropriate behavior and engagement at all times during sessions. 


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