Transfer Tool Overview

Discovering your perfect 4-year university is tough, we know! So, to help you through the college search process we have designed the Quad Transfer Tool- a robust college search engine designed to help you discover your perfect school, track your application requirements and share your progress with your honors advisor.


Transfer Discovery

Browse our library of over a thousand universities to find your perfect transfer school. Use our search system to filter by keyword, location, size, private or public institution and national rating.


University Quick Facts

Click the title of the university to reveal a few key facts about the school, including size, tuition cost, application fee and transfer acceptance rate. Transfer Quick Facts also includes specific majors the university is well known for!


My Transfer Board

Add the universities you are interested in applying to or researching further to your Transfer Board by clicking the Add School button. Your schools of interest will be saved to your personal transfer board, where you can begin tracking all application requirements.

Viewing My Transfer Board
View your selected schools in the drop down Transfer Schools menu, located in the
upper right corner of the Transfer Tool. Select My Transfer Schools for a quick glimpse of all the schools you have selected or select View Transfer Board to navigate to your full board view.



Updating My Transfer Board
Drag and Drop
your schools of interest into the appropriate bucket as you near your final decision of a transfer school. Note the specific description of each bucket, below: 


Application, Requirements & Task Tracking

Each university has its own set of application requirements (personal essays, letters of recommendation, test scores etc.) you can easily track your progress through the application with the Tasks Tracking Tool. Cross off each task you have completed by selecting the check box next to the item. 

Add specific details to each task, including a deadline, small description and your current status in completing the item.



Create your own tasks to the application tracker- include a title, task description and deadline.



Customize your Transfer Board by organizing your selection of schools by personal preference. From the drop down menu in the task tracking modal, select a category (solid/safety school, target school, or dream school).


Decision & Scholarship Tracking

Once you have made your final decision on a transfer school, drop and drag the school of your choice into the final bucket called "My Decision". If you received any scholarships, enter that amount with your final decision submission.







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