(Fall 2014) What's New on Quad for Instructors?

My Dashboard

Quad now features an enhanced user interface with a sleek new design. We have redesigned the layout of the home dashboard to include an agenda list with your grading to-do's, course list, upcoming meetings, assignments, and your home stream.



Global Navigation Menu

1. American Honors Global Home Button
Navigates you back to your dashboard from anywhere on the platform

2. My Dashboard
View your dashboard with your personal Agenda and home stream

3. Courses 
View all course enrollments

4. Quad Profile
View and edit your Quad personal profile

5. Calendar
View your course calendar, hosted in Canvas

6. Messages 
View your Canvas conversations messaging system


Customized Course Profile
All courses now have a customizable profile page that provides an overview of student attendance, grades, stream posts and course roster without having to navigate to the full course in Canvas.


1. Agenda
View a list of your grading to-do's. The Agenda tool lists assignments in order of due date. Click on the title of the assignment to open it in Speed Grader.

2. Groups
The course profile features a list of all groups in your course and the students enrolled. Click on the group title to navigate to the group homepage in Canvas.

3. Course Stream
The course stream is now available on the course profile page. Share photos, videos or messages to all members of the course.

4. Announcements
Post course announcements on the Course Profile page. Share reminders, updates and information with your students. 

5. Course Profile Image and Description
Customize your course profile page by hovering over the cover photo and clicking the edit button. This will allow you to upload a cover photo or course description and/or introductory video. An information icon will appear next to the course name once you have set a description and/or introductory video that will be viewable by your students.


6. Student Roster, Attendance and Grade Average Dashboard
View the class roster, average of student attendance and the course grade average. Click on each of these items for additional information by student.

7. Online Live Session Join Button
The Join button will now be available globally throughout the site. Students can join a live class session from anywhere on Quad at the designated time.


Launching Your Canvas Course from Quad
Your full course will now launch from your course profile page. Select the Open Course button to launch your full course in Canvas.





Attendance Modal

We have integrated a dashboard that automatically tracks overall class attendance and also provides a student's individual attendance record. Select the student roster button to view each student's individual attendance record and course grade average.





Grading Modal

Open the grading modal by selecting the "Grades Avg." option on the course profile. The grading modal provides a list of all students and their current grade percentage in the course. Select the student's name on the modal to view his or her attendance record.



Your Profile

Every user on Quad has a profile. View your profile by clicking your name in the top right corner. Your profile will include your stream, avatar, a cover photo and information about yourself. You can share any personal information with your students by adding to the "About" field. 

Edit your cover photo by simply hovering over the photo and a pencil icon will appear. Click the pencil icon and select upload photo. You can then select one of your favorite photos, adjust it and save it as your cover photo.

Edit your avatar by hovering over the avatar image and selecting upload image.

Edit your profile information on the right hand column by hovering over each text field and clicking on the pencil icon that appears (see image below). Type in the information that you would like displayed on your profile then click save. 


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