How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

1. After logging into Quad, select the "Schedule" button available on your Home Dashboard. 

 Alternatively, click "Meet Your Advisor to Register for Classes" in the enrollment checklist at the top of your Quad homepage.  Then click the blue "Meet With Advisor" button.

2. Select the modality of meeting you would like to schedule. This will be online or face to face, your campus location will be available to select for face to face meetings.  


3. Select the type of meeting you would like to schedule with your advisor.

NOTE: Some campuses over Meet Your Advisors Day, which are an awesome way to accomplish all your enrollment milestones in one meeting! If offered, reserve a time slot for Meet Your Advisor Day- before slots fill up!



4. Scroll through available appointments in upcoming weeks using the small arrows. Click on the time slot you would like to reserve (available times will be highlighted in grey). 


5. Enter any details you'd like your advisor to know ahead of time, then select Confirm Booking. 


** You will receive a confirmation e-mail verifying your selected date and time. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please use the links provided in the confirmation e-mail to select a new meeting time.

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