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Quad is excited to bring you the newest feature addition to your Quad student account, Conversations. Conversations is a tool designed for you to get in contact with your Advisor quick and seamlessly. Rather than sending an email or picking up your phone, you now have the ability to keep all of your advising conversations right in Quad.

Accessing Conversations

There are two different ways to access Conversations. To access the conversation feature, you can navigate to your ‘Advising’ Tab. In your Advising Tab, your Conversation feature will appear in your Dashboard.

You can also access Conversations on your home page.

Composing a Message

Once you are in your Dashboard, click on ‘Message’ to start your conversation.

You will then be prompted to compose the subject line of your message.

Fill it in appropriately to start the conversation with your Honors Advisor.

Once you enter in your subject, you are able to compose your entire message in which you wish to send. Simply press enter to send the message to your Advisor. They will be notified of your message and can communicate back quickly and easily through Conversations.

Keeping track of your Conversations

Once you start a Conversation with your advisor, you will be notified once they respond back to you. You are able to easily navigate back to your original conversation so you can continue the thread and send your response. All you have to do is click back into the Conversation that you want to reply to.


From Conversations inbox view, you will see the list of your messages (if you have any). Click on one to open the conversation thread and you will see it appear from the side.

All past conversations will be housed in your dashboard so you can keep them for reference as well.


Keep in mind, Conversations only supports 2 way messaging between you and your advisor but we are excited to let you drive the direction of this feature. Be sure to send your feedback to in order to ensure that we're building the right tool for you and your peers.

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