1/19/15 - Adobe Connect Support Update

Good Afternoon,
Now that all instructors and students have been able to successfully join class meetings and work through any connectivity issues, we will be returning to normal hours and operating procedures. Starting on Monday, February 2, Quad Support representatives will no longer be joining your class sessions, unless you specifically request our assistance.


Although Quad Support will not be present in your Adobe Connect class, we have created an online knowledge base for your convenience that addresses common issues and questions. 


Although we will not be in your class, Quad Support will still be available for immediate technical support during your class times. Please contact Quad Support through one of the following methods if you require technical assistance during a live seminar:

1. Instant Chat Help Button installed in your Adobe Connect Room.


  • This is located in the upper left-hand corner in your Adobe Connect Room.


2. Call us at (202) 670-2421

3. Contact Support through Quad


  • Click on the question mark icon on the top right side of your Quad page, and select “Support.”


  • ​First you will be prompted to search our knowledge base to see if your question can be answered through our online articles. 


  • ​If you cannot find the answer to your question in our online Knowledge Base, you can get directly in contact with via chat or submitting a ticket. 



4. Submit a ticket through Quad by selecting “Submit a support request” (see above), and fill out a ticket with your request. If your need is urgent, please include this in the subject line.


5. Email us directly at

Please also contact Quad Support directly at if you would like additional Adobe Connect traininghave specific questions about tools or if you would like to brainstorm class activities and how to best implement these activities online. 
For more information on operating hours and standard operating procedures click here.

Thank you
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