Webcam & Video in Adobe Connect

Webcam General Info

  • Be sure to test your webcam before joining class
  • Built-in webcams are preferable, but an USB, HD webcam will work just as well 
  • (For Faculty) If you don't see your webcam or a Video pod, you can open the video pod within the Adobe Connect session. 


Preview vs. Sharing

Once your professor enables webcams, you will be prompted to start your webcam. 


By clicking on this button, Adobe will ask you to enable your Camera and Microphone Access. Click the Allow button to enable access. Once that's set, you can click on the Start Sharing button in the preview screen to share your webcam. You will see yourself, but others in the class will not see you until you've clicked 'Start Sharing'. 


Tips for Sharing Video:

  • Quiet, non-distracting background
  • Light on your face - be aware of your lighting
  • Eye contact is different over video- look at camera when talking.


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