Web Tools for Presentations


Advanced slideshows

-Unique presentation tool, requires you to focus on creating a logical visual structure for your content

-While presenting, you can follow a defined path or focus in on frames in any order you want

-You can upload narration to each frame (if you don’t have an audio recording tool, download Audacity for free)

-Free for teachers and students (includes private sharing)


Video screen capture

-Easy video screen capturing

-Record up to 15 min free (good option for students)

-Can share link, embed video, or download the mp4

-Instructional guide


Advanced slideshows

-Presentation tool with flashy graphics and transitions

-Most suited for storytelling or high concept/introductory presentations

-The Desktop and Newspaper templates provide a great structure for setting up a story or mystery for others to look through

-Presentations are public

Haiku Deck

Simple slideshows

-Create very simple, visually appealing, image-based slide decks

-Ideal for high concept, low detail presentations

-Automatically embeds Creative Commons attribution for each picture used

-Can export (ppt and pdf), embed, or share link privately

-Works across all devices


Professionally styled videos

-Easy way to make professionally styled videos

-Just choose a theme and add text, photos, videos

-Ideal for introducing themes/concepts or letting students be creative

-Professors can get free “Plus” accounts

-Students can get free personal accounts with 30 second video limit


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