Host, Presenter, and Participant: User Roles in Adobe Connect

In Adobe Connect there are 3 distinct user roles that allow users to do specific things in a live session.

During a live class, Faculty and American Honors staff will most often be the Hosts.

Students will enter the sessions as Participants. Faculty may "promote" the student to become a Presenter during class. This will allow the student to share his/her screen or a document with the class. Presenters can also collaborate in the Whiteboard feature, when enabled.

 The Attendees Pod provides a list of everyone present in the session, and also indicates each user's level of permission. Only the host(s) can give or remove permissions to other participants in the meeting.  For example, a student who enters as a participant will not be able to make himself a Presenter (only the host can do this).



All general session attendees enter as a participant.  As a participant, users can:

    • View shared content
    • Hear and see presenter's or host's video
    • Participate in session with audio and webcam video (must be enabled by host)
    • Participate in general and private chat

** All users must have the latest version of the Adobe Connect plugin as well as the most recent version of Flash installed.  If not, the user will experience technical issues when sharing a screen or switching between breakout groups.



A presenter is the hybrid role between participant and host.  A host may choose to make a participant a presenter at any time during the session.  As a presenter, a user can operate the following functions: 

    • Access all participant rights
    • Share content and screen
    • Mute and unmute participants
    • Edit Discussion Notes
    • Submit Poll Questions to the group

 *Tip: If a student will be presenting a powerpoint during class, send the file to the instructor ahead of time. Adding large files into the share pod can take a couple of minutes, and this can be done in advance of class to save time. 


The host controls the Adobe Connect session. All teaching faculty will enter the session as a host in order to control the flow of the class. As a host, users have the following privileges:

    • Set-up meetings and invite guests
    • Add and share content
    • Edit and switch between layouts
    • Promote other participants to presenter or host status
    • Control audio and webcam rights for participants
    • Moderate breakout groups
    • Enable and disable pods
    • Choose to record the session
    • Perform all participant and presenter tasks


Faculty - if you would like to practice using the pods in Adobe Connect, contact and request a meeting with either a Quad Support Specialist (for technical practice) or a Instructional Designer (for pedagogical strategy).


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