Quad Support Hours and Procedures

Quad Support Help Desk
Ticket Priority Scale, Escalation Procedures & Response Time

Regular Hours of Operation:  Mon-Fri 9:30 am- 6:30 pm EST
Hours of operation during weekend prior to first day of classes: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm EST, Saturday & Sunday 11am-2pm EST

Help Desk Escalation Protocol

Quad Support representatives will be expected to respond to issues according to the order in which they are received, status, and level of priority (see chart below). All issues submitted during hours of operation requiring immediate attention from support should be labeled “URGENT” in the subject line. The support assignee will update the user according to the response-time commitment grid (below). Once the issue is resolved, user will be notified and ticket will be closed out by Help Desk.


Secondary Contact Procedure

If the response times outlined in the commitment grid below are not met from a ticket submission, please contact the Quad Support following the escalation order below:

First Level Quad Support Help Desk 866.981.5820

Second Level Quad Support Manager 831.277.9377

Third Level Chief Technology Officer 202.701.0424


Levels of Prioritization

All tickets submitted to Quad Support Help Desk will be reviewed and tagged by the Support Lead with a priority level following the prioritization grid below. After your ticket has been reviewed, you will receive an automated message from Support providing the priority level assigned to your ticket submission. If response times are not met for a critical or high priority request, please contact the Support Help Desk via telephone immediately.


*Some issues may require additional development time to resolve.


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