Web Tools for Interactivity


Interactive videos

-Crop and add features to videos (uploaded or from the web, including YouTube)

-Record full narration or periodic audio comments

-Add comments (text, images, links), free-form questions, or multiple choice/selection questions at any point during the video (questions and answers support LaTeX)

-Embed to LMS or (if grade analytics are wanted) distribute to class via link or email (with special code); they will need to register to view

-Can assign videos to students to make their own EDpuzzles (project-based learning)

-Video explanation

-Quick example

-Link to Student Orientation guide and activity (great to include in your course if you plan on assigning ED Puzzles)

-All ED Puzzles you make will be public (except student-made “project” videos)


Interactive images

-Add tags, links, and other media to images

-Ideal for adding a layer of interactivity to an infographic

-Teacher accounts can have a group channel and manage student accounts (education accounts are free)


Interactive flashcards

-Make online flashcards and share with students for an interactive experience

-Ideal for learning vocabulary or terms

-Students can study/interact in several fun ways


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