Using Google Voice in an Adobe Connect Course

This tutorial assumes you already have a Google Voice account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use Google Voice from your chat box.

1. Launch your Adobe Connect room. The audio conference box should pop up automatically, but if it doesn’t, go to Audio> Start Meeting Audio. Then press ‘Start’.

2. Once the audio conference has started, select the second option down that says “Dial-in to the Audio Conference via Phone”. Copy the telephone number shown in the box.

3. Minimize Adobe Connect and go to the dial pad for Google Voice.

(Depending on your version of Google Apps, the dial pad interface and the steps to access it may look differently than the one shown below. In the newer interface, you can make a call by clicking on the magnifying glass and pasting the number into the search box.  In the older version, look for a phone icon.)

Once you find the dial pad (or the search box), paste the phone number from Adobe Connect and call the number.

Newer Google App accounts:


Older Google App accounts:


4. Go back to Adobe Connect and look for the conference code provided for your room.

(Note: If you use the same Adobe Connect room every time you use Adobe Connect, this number may not change.  It might be easier to write this number on a sticky note for future reference.)


5. Go back to the dial pad for your call and type in the Conference Code number. (Again, if you’re using an older version of Google Apps, your dial pad may look different from the one shown below.)


6. Once the system accepts the number, it will ask if you are a leader. Disregard this part of the voice instructions.

7. Next, you’ll need to connect your telephone number to your “person” in Adobe Connect. There are two ways to accomplish this.


When you dial into a session, your name and your phone number will join separately. This happens to your students as well when they dial in. It is best to join the number with the person so you can tell which student is speaking. 

This is also very important to do before using Breakout groups. If the name and the number are not merged before students are assigned to breakout groups, the name goes in one room and the number goes in another!


Option 1:  You may go back to Adobe Connect’s Join Audio Conference box and punch in the number that follows “Once joined to the audio, identify yourself:” Enter the number shown (including both of the hash marks) into the dial pad. This will merge your phone number with your name in Adobe Connect.


Option 2: If you don’t want to bother entering more numbers in the dial pad, after you’ve connected using the conference code, you can simply click ‘Done’ and merge your phone number with your name manually. To do this, drag your phone number (which may not be a number you recognize if you didn’t pick a static number for Google Voice) into your person, and click on the pop up that says “Merge Users”:


8. You should now be connected, and you should have a phone icon to the right of your name in the Attendees box.

If for some reason your students cannot hear you, you may need to adjust your microphone settings using the regular Sound menu on your computer:

(This screenshot is from a PC.)

We strongly recommend the use of a headset (or headphones). If you’re using your webcam’s microphone and your computer speakers without headphones, you may experience feedback as the speaker’s sound gets fed back into the webcam mic.

If you’d like to test these steps before attempting this in a class with your students, please contact to schedule a Tech Check with Quad Support.

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