Quad for Non-Canvas Users

The Quad platform is the online hub for the American Honors nationwide program. It combines elements of community, academics and advising to give a student and honors advisor a unified view of the student’s honors experience. Quad also has facilities for hosting syllabi information, 4-year transfer preparation tools and 1:1 advising meetings.

Unfortunately, for our network schools who do not use Canvas, at this time Quad will not be able to directly integrate with your system. This means course information will not be available, however, you will still have access to any resources (such as the syllabi repository) contained within Quad and the American Honors Help Desk. 

For Students: 

Social Value

  • Students can create a personal profile (share academic info, photo, interests etc.)
  • Share, Comment & “Like” posts on Quad Stream (Similar to Facebook)
  • Notification System that keeps students up to date on what is going on in Quad
  •  Inbox Messaging System (easily communicate with instructors, classmates & advisors)

Support System & Guidance

  • Advising Tool allows visibility into a student’s progress help them prepare for a successful 4-year transfer
  • Easily schedule appointments with advisor
  • Stay in constant communication with your advisor through 'Conversations'
  • Instantly contact Quad Support via help desk ticket submission feature
  • Provides a support network of like-minded peers which establishes a sense of community

For Faculty: 

For faculty, Quad will soon contain a repository of American Honors syllabi. We also have professional development resources and technical guides available through the American Honors Help Desk that you are in now.  In the future, we plan to develop Quad into a robust hub for faculty engagement and professional development opportunities.
Our Teaching and Learning Center staff are available to support your pedagogical initiatives whether they reside in our local AH version of Canvas or your school's learning management system. Feel free to contact the American Honors Teaching and Learning Center Director, Donna Hay (, for more information.
For any additional questions about using Quad with your LMS system, do not hesitate to reach out to us at


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