Flip Your Course with Interactive Video: Process Flow

Flipped classrooms invert the traditional class structure.  Before class, students prepare for class activities, such as watching video lectures.  Once in class, students practice applying key concepts and get feedback from their instructor and peers.  After the class, students check their understanding and extend their learning.

Below are instructions on how to setup lecture capture tools to link or embed within your course site.


  • Google account (also used for YouTube and ED Puzzle)
    • Note, this must be a personal google account, not affiliated with an organization, you may choose to create an additional personal account (if you have one already) to use just for teaching if you wish
  • Tablet, stylus, and earbuds with mic
  • Explain Everything App, $2.99 in app store (Apple, Android, or Windows)


  1. Design a PowerPoint presentation to talk/draw over
  2. Connect your Google Drive account to Explain Everything
  3. Import PPT or PDF from your Google Drive to Explain Everything
  4. Record video
  5. Publish to Youtube (uses your Google account)
    • Option 1
      1. Export to Google Drive
      2. When ready, import videos to Youtube by importing from Google+ (you may need to first enable your videos to show up here through Google+ settings-- Google+>>Home>>Settings, under Google Drive select “Show Drive photos and videos in your photo library)
    • Option 2
      1. Export right from Explain Everything to Youtube
  6. Closed caption files can be added at any point after adding to Youtube
  7. Sign up for Ed Puzzle with your Google account
  8. Create a Class in Ed Puzzle (you should make a new class for every section you teach)
    • To add class, go to My Classes>>Add Class
    • After adding:
      1. You get a Class Code (need to distribute this to your class section)
      2. Members let’s you see student details/edit info
    • Viewing/Grading student progress (Click assignment Progress button)
      1. 2 Views:
        1. In Classroom - for real-time progress
        2. Homework - for grading async assignment
      2. Can see if/how much students view of videos
      3. Can see responses to questions
      4. Can grade open ended questions
      5. Can export grades to CSV file for import into LMS
  9. To add interactivity one of your Youtube videos, paste the URL into the ED Puzzle search bar
  10. When finished, use sharing options to Assign the video to the correct Class
  11. From the class page, choose the Share option on the assignment to get the embed code (using default size), and paste into the html view of your LMS
    • Works best if students view in Full Screen (questions appear to the side rather than over the video)
    • Once given class code, students can log into ED Puzzle to view their grade stats
  12. How students access:
    • Embed the assignment in Canvas (use default size)
    • Students will see the embedded video in Canvas, it will ask the student to sign up/log in
      1. Embedded videos will remember the user (if not, will ask them to log in)
    • Distribute the Class Code to the class, so that they can join the class and view their progress on the ED Puzzle website
  13. Link to ED Puzzle Student Orientation activity (this lives on AH Help Desk)
    • Recommend you paste the link to this near the beginning of your course
    • You can also find and assign this ED Puzzle to your students by searching for it by name in the ED Puzzle database
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