Using the Polling Feature to Gauge Student Learning

Using the Polling Feature to Gauge Student Learning


  • Use the Polls to ask a thought-provoking question. Review responses and ask students to share [“Katie, I really liked your response, do you mind sharing with the group?”].
  • Use a Poll as an assessment tool by creating a Likert-scale or open-ended question asking them about their confidence with or comprehension on that week’s topic. The Poll can be presented at the beginning of class, and then re-opened at the end of class to help you assess if the discussion improved their comprehension. This will also give you insight into which students are struggling and which concepts you should focus on.
  • Use the Quiz/Survey tool in your LMS to create a pre-class assessment. You can use the results to tailor the seminar to the students’ needs. You can use an Adobe Connect Poll at the end of class for post-assessment.
  • Use the Poll Pod to give a pop quiz at the beginning of class as a warm-up activity.
  • Use a Poll to list the specific concepts or learning objectives for that week. Ask students to indicate which one(s) they feel most confident about. Repeat the activity, this time asking them to indicate which concepts they feel least confident about.
  • Have a quick “check for understanding” Poll ready to pull up at any point in the session. Response options could include:
    • “I know this really well and am ready to move on.”
    • “I feel pretty good about this and we can move on.”
    • “I would like to have another example of this before we move on.”
    • “I am totally lost.”

Dr. Stephanie Chasteen, Faculty Workshop on Writing Great Clicker Questions:

The following video is a wonderful resource to help you learn about strategies for designing great questions. While the context is the use of a clicker tool in face-to-face classes, the same strategies would also apply for creating polls in Adobe Connect:



Watch a tutorial on creating a poll:


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