Attendees Pod

Attendees Pod

While this pod seems to be pretty straight-forward at first glance, it actually houses some of the most complex and interactive features.  As the host, you have the ability to control the participants. You can move them into a presenter role and you can mute their audio if you would like to.  Through this pod, you will be able to see when students first join the session as well as when their audio is connected.  

One engagement feature that is part of the attendees pod is the ability to set a status.  This function will place a small icon next to the individual's name. The best example of this is the "raised hand" status, which let's you know that the student has a question.


The following video provides an introduction to the Status feature:




Quick Tip! The "Step Away" status has an automatic "mute" function, so any student that steps away from their computer will have to un-mute when they return. This is to prevent any noise that may happen while they are gone from disrupting the session.



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