Sharing Pod (Sharing PowerPoint, Documents, Images)


Sharing Pod Overview



A very commonly use pod is the Sharing Pod.  Through this feature you are able to share your desktop, share a document, and share a whiteboard.


Sharing Your Screen

This allows you to easily share your computer screen. When you use this option, students see what you see-- so make sure your private email window is closed! 

A example of using this feature would be if you wanted to show them parts of the course in Quad. You would share your screen and then log into the course in order to point out specific assignments, etc. that you want to discuss with them.

When you share your screen, the adobe connect window may minimize down to your task bar at the very bottom of your screen.  Look for the little Adobe icon and click on it to maximize it again. Remember to stop sharing once you are done showing your screen. 


Sharing a Document

This tool allows you to show a document, Powerpoint, image file, or PDF.  Some file formats may not work so you should upload these documents right before class to check and see. If a file format does not work you can save it as a PDF and this format will work, otherwise you can also share your screen and show the document that way.  Students can not download or keep any file you are sharing using this tool. If you want to give them the file you can either send it to them using the File Pod during live seminar, or you can also upload the file to your course in Quad.


Sharing a Whiteboard

The whiteboard tool is a fun way to have students collaborate during class. Make students a presenter and they will be able to share the whiteboard space by writing text or drawing on it (a Pictionary game, perhaps?).  The drawing can be a bit difficult using a standard mouse, however those instructors who utilize a tablet with stylus may find this tool extra useful at times for sharing an equation or drawing out a concept.  


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