Using Tablets with Adobe Connect

Tablets: Where to Start?

 A tablet is a device that allows you to draw. If you regularly hand-write or draw during class (such as write out math equations) having access to a tablet may be a crucial need for this format.



Using a tablet can be a great experience for an online class, but getting started can be incredibly overwhelming. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself before finding the right tablet. Below you will see a short list of some options that are currently on the market. The options listed range from the low end to the high end, so don't panic when you see an expensive tablet. Each tablet has it's own unique features and that should be one of the factors when determining which tablet is right for you.

**Note: American Honors does not provide technical support on the tablets. We are happy to make suggestions about ways to utilize the technology within your class.**

Your college may provide you with access to a tablet or purchase one for you or your department. Please connect with your college department chairs or technology staff to make requests for equipment needed to teach.

Joining Adobe Connect

For Adobe Connect, the type of tablet will dictate the best way to join.  Many tablets are called "peripherals" or more simply put, add-ons to a computer.  Your mouse and keyboard are examples of peripherals, they are not computers themselves but plug-in to a computer. Other tablets are independent computers that can be used like laptops.

If your tablet is a peripheral device (Wacom, Bamboo) then you will join Adobe Connect just as you normally would and use the Share Pod to share your screen. While you are sharing your screen you will be able to use the tablet along with the application that shows the writing--this may be Powerpoint or an application like open sankore that allows you to use a whiteboard.  You can also use the Collaborate Pod to access a whiteboard, however this may offer limited style options. 

If your tablet is its own computer (such as an Ipad or Aces tablet) then you have an option to join the session as a separate user.  We recommend logging into Quad and then joining your session and renaming your identify to "tablet"). Think of the tablet as its own "person" in the course that can share its screen with the students. This way you will have the tablet open and sharing while you write on it, as well as your own Adobe screen open on your desktop computer so that you can see your students and see what they see in the share pod.

We know that this takes some practice and getting used to, so please connect with if you would like to set up a time to practice. 


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