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Padlet ( is a free collaborative, multimedia online bulletin board for computers and mobile devices. Padlets can be used for information curation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Add custom backgrounds to customize the interactions.

Padlet walls may be shared via social media sites, URL, embedded and even backed up as an image, PDF, or Excel file. The wall creator is able to moderate and even delete posts if needed. To access all the features, it is recommended that you sign up for a free account.

Padlet Ideas

  • Brainstorming
  • Collecting/curating content related to a specific topic
  • Formative evaluation
  • Reflection
  • Class bulletin board for sharing resources
  • Class/team collaboration
  • Use a background template to direct activity
  • Debates, pro/con
  • Simple group or individual blog

Getting Started

  • Go to and click Sign up.
  • Enter an email address and password and click Sign up (optionally sign up with Google or Facebook).
  • Once logged in you will see menu options on the left: padlets, activity, attachments, collaborators and settings.
  • Click on settings in the left menu and add your Name, check your email address and enter a Username. The username will become part of the URL for your Padlets. Click Update Profile when done.
  • It is time to create a New Padlet. Click on New Padlet in the upper right.
  • Customize the wall by selecting the Modify this Padlet option (gear symbol) from the menu on the right of the wall (see the wall menu options below).

Padlet Wall Menu Overview

Padlet Wall Menu Options
  • On the right side of the Padlet wall you will find a menu. Click on each of the icons to discover their purpose.
  • Return to the Home Page by clicking the Padlet icon at the top of the menu.
  • Create a new Padlet wall by clicking the “+” icon.
  • Quickly switch between Padlet walls by clicking on the “person” icon and selecting another wall. Also Your Account info, Your Walls and to Logout.
  • Sharing options are found by clicking on the “arrow” icon. Share the wall via social media, export, subscribe, email, or print the current wall. It also includes an embed code to embed the entire Padlet into a webpage or LMS.
  • The “i” icon contains information about the wall
  • Get help while working on the Padlet wall by clicking the “question mark” on the right menu.
  • To customize or modify your Padlet click on the “gear” icon on the right menu. To close a menu selection, click on the Padlet wall.
    • Basic Info: enter a Title and Description
    • Wallpaper: select or upload a wallpaper
    • Layout: choose how you want your wall to appear-- Freeform (drag and drop posts), Stream (posts are stacked), or Grid
    • Privacy: select the privacy settings (password protected and hidden link allow others to participate without needing to create an account, but still allows your Padlet to be “hidden” from most.) Optionally require all posts to be approved by the moderator by checking Moderate posts. Click Submit to save changes.
    • Notifications: decide if you want to be notified when someone posts on the Padlet.
    • Address: create easy to use URLs by entering a custom address. Click pick to save changes.
    • Copy: make a copy of the Padlet for reuse.
    • Delete: quickly clear all the posts on a Padlet or delete the Padlet forever. This cannot be undone!

Adding Content to the Wall

Image of Padlet Blank Post
  • Double click to add a new post and optionally:
    • add a title to the post.
    • write something on the post.
    • add a URL.
    • upload a file including, images, document, and videos.
    • take a photo from a webcam.
  • Drag a file from your computer to add it to the wall.
  • Drag the posts around to organize.
  • To resize, drag the bottom right corner.
  • The moderator (wall owner and/or author) can edit or delete posts.


For help with Padlet visit Padlet Junction: Frequently asked questions and support documentation for Padlet.


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