Pecha Kucha: Examples & Ideas for Classroom Use

Pecha Kucha is a concise, dynamic presentation style. Presenters present 20 slides that automatically advance after 20 seconds.


Why consider this for classroom use?

  • Students are forced to be creative and concise with their presentations and must distill their topic down to the most important pieces 
  • This format often forces students to think about how to present their topics using imagery and minimal text
  • The fast-paced nature of this presentation technique keeps students engaged


Also check out Dr. Richard Edwards’ blog entry on Pecha Kucha:

Pecha Kucha in the Classroom: Tips and Strategies for Better Presentations



There are several different pronunciations of 'Pecha Kucha' out there. Two resources I found useful for learning the pronunciation:


Ideas for the classroom

  • Consider pairing a PK presentation with a written paper to give students an avenue to hear about other students’ work
  • Use a PK series as a part of a group activity. Consider having each member of the group create a PK presentation on a different facet of a single topic, then use the PK presentations from that group to set the scene for larger class discussion


To help Students prepare

  • Storyboarding - Suggest students storyboard their slides and talking points before they start looking for imagery. This can be a big time-saver.


Pecha Kucha Presentation Examples provides many 20 x 20 presentations to watch as examples. 

In addition, the Ignite series of events is a very similar concept: generally 20 slides for 15 seconds each (5 minutes total). Check out some of the Ignite presentations at or search for an Ignite group in your area and watch a series in person!

Examples from the 2015 Faculty Conference

Special thanks to our 2015 presenters for presenting and for sharing your slides!

Feel free to download the presentations to get a sense of how they constructed their presentations, and learn a bit about their topics:






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