Web Tools for Collaboration


Advanced real-time whiteboard

-Real-time whiteboard meets mind-mapping meets Pinterest

-Good for group brainstorming, research, or project collaboration

-Incredible amount of features: private boards, chat with collaborators, leave comments or post-its, draw, insert media, insert Google docs, connect objects to create mind maps

-Can embed (which makes it public but non-editable), make it into a presentation, or export it (image or PDF)

-Chrome extension allows you to clip Web page screenshots directly into your media library

-Can also be used to deliver content asynchronously, as it does in the example below

-Example/tutorial (May take a moment to load; click and drag to move around the board, scroll to zoom in and out)


Real-time bulletin board

-Create a multimedia bulletin board, collaborate in real time

-Ideal for collecting group research

-By using the streams format (example), you can make an informal discussion board or class blog

-Could also work great as very simple individual blog for students

-Allows for private sharing (or password protection) with read-only or write permissions

-Works across all devices



-Supports LaTeX commands

-Padlet Guide


Real-time mind maps

-Collaborate in real time on simple, text-based mind maps

-Must log in using a Google account

-Can view all history and changes

-Group chat


-Export options

Google Drive/Docs

Real-time file collaboration

-Easily share and collaborate on documents, presentations, or spreadsheets in real time

-Text, voice, or video chat while collaborating

-Requires a Google account

-Getting Started and Tutorials

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