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Creating a Turnitin Assignment

Enabling TurnItIn for an assignment is a built-in feature within Quad. Each course comes with TurnItIn configured and available, but will not provide an originality check until an instructor authorizes an assignment to be reviewed.

  1. Within your assignment click on the Show Advanced Options
  2. Change the Submission Type to Online.
  3. To enable an Originality Report select Allow Text Entry and/or Allow File Uploads (these the only two formats that will generate an Originality Report)
  4. Select the Enable Turnitin Submissions.
  5. Select the Update Assignment

Your new assignment will now display that Turnitin has been enabled for this assignment. When students enter into the submission window for this assignment they will be required to check a box indicating they agree that their submission is their original work.

File Upload Types

As an instructor you have the ability to restrict the file types that students can submit for an assignment. These are the file types are supported by Turnitin and Quad:

  • DOC & DOCX
  • Adobe PostScript
  • Plain Text (TXT)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • PDF

Note: The file size may not exceed 20MB.

Personalizing your Turnitin Disclaimer Message

Within Quad you have the ability to customize a short personalized message that will be displayed anytime Turnitin is utilized in the course.

  1. To customize the message, go to the Settings tab within your course.
  2. Select the Edit Course Details
  3. Next to the Turnitin Comments: section, enter in your desired message.
  4. When finished, select Update Course Details.

Allowing Students to View their Originality Report

Turnitin originality reports will be available within 10 minutes of a student’s submission. Those reports can be made available to students at three different times, depending on the instructors preference:

  • Immediately (Defaulted Option)
  • After the Assignment is Graded
  • After the Due Date

Each of the options above can be selected by click on the Advanced Turnitin Settings within the assignments advanced options menu.

NOTE: Turnitin will return only the initial submission within 10 minutes; all subsequent submissions will have an originality report returned within 24 hours.

Reviewing Originality Reports

The Turnitin originality reports are available within 10 minutes of a student’s initial submission and can be accessed through the gradebook and Speedgrader. Once a Turnitin submission has taken place and the originality report is available an icon will appear within the submission details. The icon will change a particular color, thus indicating the lever of the originality report. The icon could appear as one of the following colors:

  • Green (One word to 24% matching)
  • Yellow (25-49% matching)
  • Orange (50 -74% matching)
  • Red (75-100% matching)
  • Blue (No Matching Text)
  • Gray (Score Pending)

To view the Originality Report for a particular student simply click on the colored icon and the full Originality Report will open.

Warning: The originality reports do not reflect Turnitin’s evaluation on whether a submission is in fact plagiarized. The reports are a tool to assist instructors in reviewing student’s submissions and the similarity to other submitted papers. The penalty of plagiarism is at the discretion of the instructor and in accordance to the policy set forth by the college.

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