Spokane Community College Canvas Integration

Authorizing Quad access to Your CCS Canvas Account 

Students at Spokane Community College will automatically be prompted to authorize Quad access to Spokane's Canvas when logging into Quad for the first time. After logging into Quad, users will be be automatically directed to the Spokane login page below. Verify your account by logging in with your CCS Canvas account username and password.


Viewing Your Course Enrollments on Quad 

You can access both honors and non-honors courses from the Quad course list. Our integration with the CCS Canvas system allows you to open courses that live on the CCS Canvas, directly from Quad. Select the courses icon from the main navigation menu, then click the title of the course to open its Quad Course Profile. 

Note: Courses that live on the CCS Canvas system will appear in the Fall & Spring tabs. 



Customized Quad Course Profile

Quad Course Profiles are a gateway to the Canvas course and provide a look into your overall progress in the course. Track your class attendance, grade average and interact with your classmates on the course social stream. 

1. Course Stream
Share comments, photos or videos with the members of your course.

2. Agenda 
View a list of all upcoming deadlines for your assignments, discussions or quizzes. All agenda items are linked directly to the assignment in CCS Canvas, click on the title of the assignment to open. 
View Ignoring Agenda Items Guide 

3. My Groups
Interact with group members directly on Quad or navigate to the CCS Canvas group homepage. The Quad group tool allows students to easily view members and engage in discussion. 


Grade Average 

View your individual course grade average directly on the course profile or click to open a full list of your graded assignments.
Note: Each graded item links directly to the graded assignment in CCS Canvas. 



View Classmates & Courses in Common

Select the Students button on the course profile to view all American Honors students enrolled in the course. Quad also indicates which students you share other courses with. 


Launching Your CCS Canvas Courses from Quad 

To open any courses (honors or non-honors) select the Open Course button located on the Quad Course Profile. Depending on the course you select, this will open the course in CCS Canvas or American Honors Canvas. 




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