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Exploring Breakout Rooms

Note: The tools for facilitating breakout rooms are fouond in the attendees pod.

Break-Out Rooms allow you to break up the connect session into smaller discussions.  You can create as many as you like and start and stop them at any time during the session.  

When done correctly, each individual will only be able to see and hear the other individuals in their specific group.  As the host you can travel from group to group. You can also send a message out to all groups.

In order for the break-out rooms to work, it is extremely important that all of the participants have correctly joined the audio bridge with both their participant code AND token code.  The additional token code is what will connect their video and audio feeds together.  If they do not do this then it is similar to being on a regular conference call. Everyone can see and hear each other, which then becomes a problem when your video and audio are in separate break-out rooms!




You can set-up the break-out space as soon as you join the session. An additional feature of the break-out room is that students will be able to utilize the Note Pod within their own break-out room.  This is a great way for them to take notes on what they plan to share when they rejoin the large group. However, it can be tricky to find that note once the break-out room ends. 

Here is a tip:  If you visit the break-out rooms or set them up ahead of time, you can rename the notes in each. For example, rename "Note 1" to be "Group 1: Pros of 401K vs. IRAs". If setting up ahead of time you can also type in any notes or discussion questions you want the group to see.

My group took notes in our breakout meeting, where did they go?

When the break-out session ends you can find the note and open it for the class by clicking on Pods from the top left menu, and then navigating to Breakout Room section and finding the note there.


Break-outs are a fantastic tool to have available in this format, however it may take a couple times before you feel totally comfortable with it.  Remember that you can practice this tool even without any students in the session if you want to. Just create a session outside of class time, join it and start practicing! Move yourself into the different rooms to get comfortable with this concept and practice starting and ending the break-out. Once you remember the steps it is actually quite simple and will allow you to have this small-group discussion time whenever you choose.  


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