Using Dual Monitors with Adobe Connect

Using Dual Monitors



You may have two monitors that you use for computer work, and if so there are a couple of ways you can incorporate this into your use of Adobe Connect. 

If you have a tablet with a screen, this also counts as a "dual monitor".

The main advantage to having this is for when you are sharing your desktop. This is not something that you may do frequently, which is why having a dual monitor is not necessary, however if you do have one you may want to test this out.  When you share your desktop you will be prompted to choose which monitor to use. Whichever one you select will show that screen in the Share Pod. The other monitor (most likely your desktop) can display the Adobe Session with all of your student's smiling faces! This way, you will be able to both share your desktop and keep the Adobe screen open. 

If you do not have a dual monitor, when you share your screen the Adobe session is minimized into your task bar. If you open it up to see your students, they still see exactly what is on your screen which will be the adobe session.  Therefore, with one monitor, you will not be able to see students while you are sharing your desktop, however you can hear them and will see them again as soon as you are done sharing.



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