Connecting Your Audio in a Zoom Meeting

Once you have joined the room, you will be asked how you’d like to join the audio conference.  A box will pop up asking you how you’d like to join.

You can also click on the “Join Meeting Audio” icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

You will have the option to connect your audio to Zoom either through your computer or through your phone.



Click on the blue “Join by Computer” panel, then click “Join Audio By Computer.”

Zoom will automatically attempt to connect your computer’s internal speakers and microphone for use in the meeting.  Most often users are automatically connected to their computer’s internal audio devices and can hear access the meeting’s audio without further action.

If you are not automatically connected, you may need to manually select the audio devices you wish to use.  Click on the up arrow next to the microphone icon in the bottom left-hand corner.  This will open the audio device menu.  You will want to select the microphone and speaker devices that you wish to use for the meeting.  Most laptop computers come with internal microphone and speaker devices, or you might want to use a headset with a microphone.



You can also use a cell phone, landline, or Google voice phone number to connect to the meeting’s audio.

In the Join Audio Conference window, click “Dial In.”


On your phone, dial one of the two phone numbers shown (both are local, US numbers).  You will then be prompted to enter the Meeting ID.  Then enter your Participant ID as it is displayed in the panel.

You are now connected to the meeting’s audio through your phone.  Confirm with the meeting participants that they can hear you, and you can hear them.



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