Introduction to Online Courses

NOTE:  Online American Honors courses are only offered at Ivy Tech Community College and Community Colleges of Spokane.  Students at these schools may take online honors courses in addition to in-person courses.


It is likely that some of your American Honors courses will be hosted on Adobe Connect, a live virtual classroom accessed through Quad. As well, instructors may use Adobe Connect for meetings or virtual office hours.

Prior to class starting, students must confirm that they meet Adobe Connect's technical requirements and should log on where they know they will have a strong internet and phone connection.

For the best classroom audio connection (and therefore quality class participation), students should connect to Adobe Connect's audio bridge using a cell phone, landline, or Google Voice number.  Using a phone to connect to the audio bridge ensures that students can connect to the classroom's audio with as few glitches and delays as possible.  For the best participation grade in the class, students are also expected to have a webcam turned on during the class meeting.

Students are expected to be connected to Adobe Connect audio and video by the time their online course starts, as well as fully participate and display good online etiquette during class time.  Any student taking an online course through American Honors should consult the Virtual Meetings & Classes section of this Help Desk for many detailed articles on online courses, connecting your audio and video, and virtual class best practices.

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