Navigating with the Quad Toolbar




  1. American Honors Global Home Button

Navigate back to your home dashboard from anywhere on the platform.


  1. My Dashboard

The Quad dashboard is your go-to for a quick glimpse at your agenda, upcoming assignments, approaching deadlines and your home stream.


  1. Courses

The courses icon allows you to quickly toggle between each of your courses. Click this button to view your current course enrollments and as well as your advising cohort.


  1.  Advising

The Quad Transfer Tracker is a robust college search engine designed to help you discover your perfect school, track your application requirements, and share your progress with your advisor.


  1. Calendar

Use your calendar to view important events and assignments. Any assignments your instructor creates will automatically sync to your calendar, keeping you organized.


  1. Inbox  

Similar to email, use this tool to send messages to instructors, small groups, or classmates.

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