Quad Course Profiles

Your courses on Quad feature a "profile page" that provides a glimpse into your progress. These profiles are customized by your instructor and designed to ensure you are on track for success. The Course Profile delivers a range of tools that allow you to easily gauge your progress in the course. 

1. Course Stream
Share photos, videos, or messages with all members of your course.

2. Announcements 
View all course announcements, instructor updates, or general information.

3. Alerts
Stay on top of upcoming assignments, class sessions, and academic milestones nearing their deadline.

4. Agenda
Lists all upcoming assignments, quizzes, and deadlines. 

5. My Groups
To view your groups for that specific course, select the "View Group" button to navigate to the group homepage.

6. Online Live Session Join Button 
You can join any live online class sessions from anywhere on Quad at the designated time. The "Join" button will be available to click 30 minutes prior to the class start time. 


Launching Your Course from Quad

Your full course will launch from the course profile page. Select the "Open Course" button to access all other course elements and content (coursework, discussions, assignments, exams, etc). 






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