Introduction to Quad

Welcome to American Honors and to the American Honors Help Desk!  The Help Desk is a knowledge base full of informative articles that will help you prepare for your first semester in the program and beyond.

Below is a repository of articles that contain need-to-know information for new students.  This list will serve as a starting point to get you ready to navigate Quad, schedule a meeting with your advisor, and be prepared for online classes-- think of it as Quad 101!  Please read through the list of articles below sequentially, and continue to explore the Help Desk for more information.


    1.  Navigating with the Quad Toolbar

    2.  Scheduling a Meeting With Your Advisor

    3.  Quad Course Profiles

    4.  Introduction to Online Courses -- Ivy Tech and CCS students only

    5.  How to Join an Online Class or Advising Meeting

    6.  Using the Transfer Tracker Tool

    7.  Accessing the Help Desk from Quad

    8.  Submitting a Support Ticket




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